Special Application

These couplings are a collection of specially modified couplings designed for customer applications.  New products will be added in this area as interest dictates.

Beaver Motor Home Couplings - connects the output of the engine to a pump to circulate coolant through a remote mounted radiator.
The Model 500 was the original coupling selected by the Beaver Motor Home manufacturer for this application.  The pump is mounted to a welded bracket assembly which is mounted to the engine to provide alignment of the engine drive and pump.  Due to loading and difficulty in providing accurate alignment of the pump and engine via this bracket, some owners have experienced coupling insert failure.  If this insert is not changed, failure of the coupling hubs will result.  Accurate alignment of the couplings hubs is required for extended insert life.  Magnaloy provides the original Model 500 modified coupling for replacement in this application.  The original Driven Side coupling is a 1.00" Smooth Bore and 1/4" Keyway to fit on the pump shaft.  The Drive Side is a Special flange mount configuration to mate with the engine output flange.
There are some Beaver Motor Homes which have a Splined Shaft on the Driven Side (Pump Side).  The Coupling to mate to this situation is the same as the original except it is broached with a 15 tooth 16/32 spline bore.  This configuration is available in the Model 500 size hub. 
Magnaloy has also modified a Model 600 coupling for this application to provide greater loading capabilities and increased insert life.  The modified 600 provides the same pilot and mounting bolt configuration, steel bushing, clamp, bore size and overall length as the Model 500 originally specified.  The user will have to determine if their application will allow the additional outside diameter clearance required for the Model 600 Coupling (OD of Model 500 = 4.80" and OD of Model 600 = 5.98").  The Model 600 hub or Insert is not compatible with the Model 500 hub or insert, so if changing to the Model 600 Coupling, both hubs and an insert will be required for the initial replacement.
Note: this is a SPECIAL coupling and as such is NON-RETURNABLE and may require additional shipping time of up to 2 weeks.